Surya namaskar or sun salutation


Surya namaskar or sun salutation inaugurated by the Indian ancient hermit. This is the one type of exercise by which body parts are moved in a serial process. Surya namaskar comprises total 12 numbers of asana, which is indicates to the 12 sings of the zodiac (some experts are say).

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Surya namaskar process:


1st asana: Stand straight with feet together or a few inch gap between the feet and folded the hand as per showing in in the pic 1. Now concentrate on the breathing controlling system. Concentration brings by this yoga asana.

2nd asana: Next step inhale and the hands are stretched over the head then bend backward straightly. In this process not only stretches the spine but it also abdominal area. The digestion system can be improve by this asana. This asana known as Parbatakarasana.

3rd asana: Then next exhale and bend your body forward till the palms or hands touch the floor by the side of feet. Legs should be straight and at the same time try to touch your forehead to the knee. This asana known as Hastapadukasana.

4th asana: Inhale and look up, taking the body weight on the both hands and take your right leg back. Avoid touching the floor with the right knee. Now contract the abdomen as much as possible with inhale then arch your back as per picture shown. The throat problem is cured by this asana. This asana known as Ek Padasana.

5th Asana:  Exhaling and stretch the both legs to the behind. Fold the hands both side of the body and body weight keep on the both hands and toes. Now hole body keep parallel with the ground as per picture shown in 5. Always try to lift the knee from the ground.

6th Asana: Stay in same position of 5th asana, now rise the body and head from the waist with inhaling. The chest should be stretch forward. The hole body weight should be maintain on both hands and toes shown in picture 6.

7th Asana: Exhale and point your toes forward, pushing against the mat with your hands to help you raise your hips. Keep your arms as straight as you can and hang your head down. Aim your heels towards the mat but do not strain your hamstring muscles.

8th Asana: Look forward and left leg placed between the hands and right leg stretch back as per picture 8 with inhaling. Now the upper body part stretch as much as possible.

Rest asana do as same previous procedure to complete the Surya Namaskar.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar:

If every day doing the Surya Namaskar asana, its makes you fit in very sort time. You feel very light and back bone adjacent muscle gets energies. Heart, lungs  etc. organs working very efficiently. This asana must do before you going to practice other asana, by this process you  will get better result. It brings energy to doing other exercise or asana and removes body inertness. If you are about to suffer from some sort tonsillitis or throat problems, this is a good cure. These asana is useful for all stomach ailments, including digestion and constipation.

Generally, do this yoga poses five to ten times for five times in a week, you will soon see the difference both to your body shape and your confidence level.





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Surya namaskar or Sun salutation poses

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